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New!  Phone Consultations:

Not to be confused with the follow-up phone calls which are included in your consultation and/or class fees.  You hear me say it all the time:  "call me with questions!".  

Phone Consultations are for those moments when you are not sure how to go forward with training your dog....those things like house training, new dog introductions, mild fear issues, barking, door manners when visitors arrive, mild separation anxiety, digging, mouthing, Dog Park behaviour, etc, etc.  Sometimes I will ask for a short video or I may suggest that the issue is not mild or simple and consulting over the phone may not be ethical and/or safe. Phone consultations are for those that say "my dog is just great except when (fill in blank).  If the blank is chasing cars or aggressively lunging at others or destructive when left alone, then a phone consult is not in your best interest - you need in-person consultations.

Phone Consultations are an affordable option!  Only $20 per each 30 minutes.  If we decide that in-person consultations are in the best interest of you and your dog, the phone consultation fee is credited to your in-person consultation fees....making the call become no-charge.  

Click HERE to sign up for your Phone Consultation then call Jane at 250-898-3173 to set up a time.

Classes are kept small (maximum of 8 dogs) to allow for individual attention. Canine Conduct is located on almost three fully enclosed acres at 7778 Sturgess Road, off Endall Road, in Black Creek (Map).

During winter months classes are held in Merville at The Merville Community Hall located at 1245 Fenwick Rd at Hyw 19A...look for the big yellow hall! (Map) on Wednesday evenings from 6pm-7pm.

Also during the winter months, classes are held at Willow Point Lion's Hall in Campbell River on Tuesday evenings (Map) from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

If you know of a suitable indoor venue in Comox or Courtenay, please give Jane a call at 250-898-3173.

All class sessions (except Clicker lessons) run in 6-week sessions. Each class is one hour in length. Class prices are for the entire 6-week session and include HST. Fees are charged regardless of attendance but we do our best to accommodate any missed classes. Credit only is given on account (some exceptions apply).

Bring along everyone involved in your dog's life, including children over the age of 7 years (under 7 years must have an adult accompany). Also bring a smile and a sense of humour, along with a flat collar, long leash (not retractable) and some small, soft, easy-to-swallow treats and/or a favourite toy.

Private Training and Coaching Sessions may take place in your home ($75 for a 90 minutes consisting of 60 minutes in person and 30 minutes follow-up via phone, email or Skype) or at the Training Grounds in Black Creek ($65 for a 90 minutes consisting of 60 minutes in person and 30 minutes follow-up via phone, email or Skype ). Many people choose to have a private session before attending a class session.  Pre-paid package prices are available.

Cancellation Policy is 24hrs notice.

If you're not sure which class or service would best suit your dogs needs just contact Janeā€¦ a few minutes on the phone or a short e-mail message and she will be able to assess your needs.