Bits & Pats

Ongoing from Mid-April to Fall 2016

A bit of training to keep your dog fresh and responding well to your cues.  A pat on your back for continuing the training.

Monday mornings at 10am ~ Reliable Recalls ~come out to teach your dog to come when called with other dogs and people (and sometimes rabbits, deer and horses too). $35 for the 1 hour lesson.

Tuesday mornings at 10am ~ Loose Leash Manners ~ come out and practice polite walking with a loose leash. One of the goals is polite meeting & greeting of other dogs and people. $35 for the 1 hour lesson.

If you are a Well Mannered Dog Level 1 class graduate, the cost is only $15 for the above! That's the pat on your back for remembering that training is always ongoing.

Thursday mornings at 10am ~ Canine Good Neighbour Class ~ come out and continue your goal of sharing your life with a Canine Good Neighbour. If you are interested in having a well-mannered dog, and/or participating in any St. John's Ambulance Canine Therapy Program, and/or would like your dog to have the CKC CGN Certification, then this is the class for you!

There are 12 "tests" in the Canine Good Neighbour program. Each week, how to successfully pass each one of the tests will be taught.  You and your dog can join at any time.  
For More Information: CKC Website
Please be aware: this course is to prepare you and your dog for testing.  The actual test must be administered by a CKC member of which Jane is not...because Jane has not owned a "pure-bred" dog in years :))  but instead is owned by 4 rescue mutts - one of which is certified.
All dogs - regardless of breed(s) - are invited to class. Jane has extensive knowledge and experience with many breeds.
To avoid disappointment - Preregistration advised as only 6 dogs are permitted through the gate. $35 for the 1 hour lesson.

As with all classes, dogs must me current in their vaccine schedule and free of parasites.  Play Day dogs must be wearing flat collars only - no harnesses or martingales and it goes without saying (but will say it anyway) absolutely NO prongs/choke/chain/spray/e-collars permitted.